Friday, March 28, 2008

Good to go

The other night, as Scott and I were going to bed, we prayed together as we usually do before going to sleep. But it was a short prayer. And here's the reason.

For the first time, it seems, there's nothing to ask for.

For the last four years, I cannot remember a time we weren't praying for a miracle with our finances, a new apartment, or a new job (that one in particular). But the other night, none of those things held true. We're not millionaires, but with both of us working consistenly for the first time in a long time, the bank account is stable and the bills are getting paid. We've got an apartment that's meeting our needs and on top of that, isn't falling apart. And like I said, we're both working. And working in New York.

So after our short prayer seemed inadequate, I've been focusing on thanksgiving. And I have a lot to be thankful for right now. (See above paragraph.) And I feel like I have more room to pray for other people because I'm not so consumed in my own needs. Even after a few bad days at work, I take comfort in the fact that right now, I want, and need, nothing more than I have. And that's a good feeling.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ode to the train

Today as I was riding the subway to work (after waiting 20 minutes for a train that's supposed to come every 15 and must've been early the first time anyway because I got there on time), I was thinking that I'm kinda getting used to riding the train. Although it reminds me a lot of catching the bus in middle school, cause you gotta hurry up and get there on time only to see it riding away when you get there. But at least there's another one coming later, I suppose. Anyway, so yeah, I'm kinda getting used to it. Although I hate getting off the train once I get into the city, because there are a million people waiting to get on. Which is fine. But these million people feel the need to crowd the doors of the train to get on, and not allow the people who are actually on the train to get off it. Trust me, there will be more chairs and more space for YOU if you let ME get off the train. Hmph.

Friday, March 21, 2008

How to cure the fever

So lately everyone around me is in baby heaven. Many of my friends are either pregnant, just had a baby, or are thinking about having babies. Let's just say it rubs off a little and I've been thinking lately about how cute the little boogers are and how fun it might be to have my own, something I call "baby fever."

The cure? Walk around the mall on a Friday night.

The best kind are the kind you can hand back.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I heart NY

Today as I was walking to work, I happened to cross paths with a middle-aged man on the plaza. As I passed, he said, "You're beautiful!" I smiled and said thank you, and he said, "Have a nice day," and that was it. I'm starting to enjoy this city...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I think I need to have a cell phone permanently affixed to my ear to live in New York. Seriously, who are all these people talking to? I can easily walk the eight blocks to work and not speak to a soul on the phone. But apparently everybody else in the world has someone to talk to. I can't decide if I'm lucky to be appreciating the city around me or sad to be left out of The Great Chat.

More things to do to live in NY:
Sleep on the subway
Wear a black coat
Walk really really fast and run over people
Take a tourist's picture at least once a day
Buy a real Prada/Gucci/Louis Vitton/Coach purse for $25

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Settling in

I think by now I've spent more time collectively this week in New York than I have in my entire life. But that's ok. Things are going pretty well. The apartment is nice and we're mostly in, save a few boxes of books and cds we've yet to unpack. But I stole Scott's bookshelf for a pantry so we're not sure where he's going to put those yet. The only complaint we have so far is that the kitchen has absolutely NO kitchen drawers. Yes, none. Nada. So where does one put the things one keeps in kitchen drawers? Sharp knives, scissors, ice cream scoop, pot holders... We hope Ikea gives us some ideas this weekend while we're in Philly to wrap up a few things. Although there is an Ikea not too far from here, thankfully.

Work is going well, I suppose. Apparently having me here has already made a difference. I think they are hiring another designer next week, which will be helpful because I think the three news designers all feel like we're in over our heads. At least I know I do, although today was nice. Only 5 pages to do as opposed to the 10 I've been doing the rest of this week. Tonight I did the covers for Boston and New York in addition to some other stuff. While it was fun, it was also hard to relinquish control of the Philly paper. And tomorrow marks the last day of my first week at the office in New York (I almost typed Philly!). Now if I can get a security badge, I'll be doing well.

Riding the train is fine, although I'm still not sure I'd want to walk home by myself, although it's only a block, but thankfully I don't have to. It takes about 35-40 minutes to get to/from work. I remembered to time it today. But the train ride itself is only about 10 minutes of that; the rest is spent walking, which will be good for my waistline. I ride into the city by myself since Scott doesn't come in till a little later, and I spend most of the time thinking of poignant blogs to write. Like how quiet it is because no one can use their cell phones underground. It's fantastic.

So anyway, just wanted to give an update that doesn't sound like the world is ending, because it's not. We're still very much getting used to it here, but so far, it's not too bad. We might survive :)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I would not advise

I would not advise moving to New York (or New Jersey, or anywhere for that matter) when it's monsoon season. You and your stuff will get wet and you will freeze. On the plus side, your feet will be soft from the all-day intensive moisturizing.

We made it in. Barely, but we made it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New cardboard box

So after weeks of looking, we finally have our cardboard box in New York City. Well, Jersey City. Close enough. We get the keys and move in Friday. It's only a block from the train into the city and close enough to walk once you get there, or there's a train that goes directly to the office if it's pouring rain or only 2 degrees outside. The apartment itself is pretty small — like one person in the kitchen at a time small — but is a nice place with new appliances and hardwood floors, so we'll live. Closet space is good, too. And we're only a few blocks from friends who are also relocating to NYC from work.

I feel like we should be excited but we're both so worn out from the search and trying to get things in order with our apartment here and having to move in like three days, that we're just exhausted instead. I hope next weekend it'll sink in and we'll be excited.

So that's the news. Stay tuned.