Thursday, February 26, 2009

The view (and I don't mean the TV show)

So far so good in the new apartment. Last night I took a nice, long shower and had hot water the whole time! It's been at least a year if not more since I had that, so it was awesome. And we've already done a few loads of laundry in our very own washer and dryer. And did you know there's no 13th floor in this building? A lot of buildings are like that and I was curious so I checked the buttons in the elevat...

What? Huh? Shut up and post photos already? Oh alright. Sheesh. Picky picky.

Nighttime (basically panning from left to right). I don't think the pictures do it justice. I love the view at night. That little white triangle is the Empire State Building...


The windows are kinda dirty on the outside, so I couldn't do much about that. I'll take photos of the inside once we get a few more boxes out of the middle of the floor...

Enjoy my view, and feel free to come see it for yourselves. Visitors welcome.

Monday, February 23, 2009

When God closes a door...

He always opens a window. Remember that phrase? Well that is case, unless you live on the 17th floor. Where the windows don't open more than a couple inches. I guess that's so kiddos can't fall out. I'm hoping I can remove them, since we're all adults here. And while we're at it, maybe the screens too, cause I hate looking through them at my fantastic view. I promise not to jump.

(Yes, yes, I know. Pictures. Coming soon, I promise.)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hug a Journalist Day

According to the entity that is the all-knowing Facebook, Sunday, Feb. 15, is Hug a Journalist Day. 5,390 people are participating so far (apparently it was just started by a journalist who needs a little pick-me-up in the midst of all the nation's bad news, but I like the idea). So whether you love 'em or hate 'em, find a journalist and hug them and love them and squeeze them into itty bitty pieces on Sunday.

*This journalist accepting real, virtual, and IOU hugs.*

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sleeping on the job

I really meant to update before now, but, well, I just didn't get to it. And I don't really have much to even update you on now, but I'm updating for updating's sake. We did buy a bed today. Well ... sorta. We didn't actually pay for it. And we didn't bring it home. But we found a couple on Craigslist who is moving to Florida for a job transfer, and they just bought the bed like a month ago but don't want to move it, and so they are selling it for less than we could get it on retail. So we wrote up a little contract, and we pick it up the day we move, when we have a vehicle to put it in. Cause I'm pretty sure I would not live very long if I had to carry it to our new place. We may eventually paint it black to match the rest of our dark bedroom furniture (which is actually dark brown, but black will be closer than pine). Notice drawers for much-needed storage...

Friday, February 6, 2009


OK, so my friend Nicole was interviewed by another blogger, and then offered to send questions to whoever wanted to participate. I'm always looking for new things to blog about, so here are the questions she sent me, and my answers.

1) What is the most difficult part about marriage and why?

I think it all comes down to communication. If it breaks down, you can almost guarantee a breakdown yourself. And you may think you're communicating, but you're not, or you could be sending the wrong messages when that's not what you intended at all. Communication isn't just verbal. Sometimes it's your body language or your actions. And when things do get rocky, you have to forgive/realize you're wrong and apologize, and that's not always easy. I like the theory of never going to bed angry. We don't always get there, but that's what we try for. There can also be little things that become big things, little pet peeves. And you have to find a balance between not letting it bother you and at least attempting to not do (or start doing) the things that bother (or would please) the other person. Oh, and compromise.

2) Please describe your favorite childhood memory.

This one's a toughie. I'm not sure exactly when childhood ends. And I don't know if i can quantify my favorite. But this is the first thing that came to mind, at least. When I was in the fourth grade, I had a really great teacher, Mr. Stanford. And sometimes he would stay to work the after-school program, which I frequently stayed in until my Mom could come get me from work. (This was the period in my life when I learned to and got really good at playing 4-square, and sometimes Mr. Stanford would play with us.) But whenever he was in after-school, I was like his little sidekick. And this is the point where I really started to develop my grammar naziness. Whenever kids would come up and ask him, "Can I go to the bathroom?" I would make them say, "Mr. Stanford, may I please use the restroom?" And he wouldn't let them go until they said it correctly. He's gotta be one of my hands-down favorite teachers ever. I still run into him occasionally when I'm home.

Also the year I got to help Santa put presents out for my sister was pretty awesome.

3) If you have children, what would be the best advice you could give them?

Listen to your parents. Respect them. (And not just because I am the parent. I just know from experience that when you do this, they become so much more than just parents.) Come home on time. And if you're late, call ahead. Love yourself. It's not all about having a boyfriend/girlfriend. Don't have sex before you're married. Don't do drugs. Always do your best in school but leave time for some fun too.

4) If you could instantly change one thing (physically, mentally, spiritually, etc) about yourself, what would it be?

Definitely my weight/body. I don't want to be a toothpick, but sometimes I just look in the mirror and really hate myself. Or sometimes I hate myself when I put my jeans on. Or when nothing looks right. Or, or, or... I really think that if I could change that (and I know I CAN), I would be so much happier. I'm fairly content with my personality and all that, but I think my life would be better if I felt better about my body. For instance, and most of you probably don't know this, but I would love to dance, whether that's learning in classes or just actually having fun at a wedding reception for once. But I am way, way too self conscious to do it.

5) What do you do when (you think) no one is looking?
Play on Facebook/blog at work. Nothing too exciting.

Monday, February 2, 2009

This month's to-do list

Feb. 1: Meet deadline to give Kari news briefs. (OK, so she's six hours ahead and will get them on Feb. 2. Close enough.)

Feb. 2: Pray the groundhog doesn't see his shadow so I can defrost soon. I already can't remember if he did or didn't. But I do know the groundhog bit the mayor.

Feb. 2-5: Survive another week at work. Barely made it.

Feb. 6: Take clothing donation to Dress for Success (you can donate interview-appropriate clothing and they give it to women who need it. They have locations all over the world).

Feb. 7: Try to get rid of more stuff on Craigslist.

Feb. 8: Really, really try to go to church for once.

Feb. 9-13: Try to contain my excitement about getting the keys to our new apartment that weekend.

Feb. 14: Go to Lupa for Valentine's Day dinner. (Reservations already secured.)

Feb. 15: Get the keys to our new apartment!

Feb. 16-19: Pack. Minimally. The new place is only a block away, so I'm hoping a few trips back and forth will save on the packing effort somewhat.

Feb. 20: Move the big stuff.

Feb. 21: Wake up to my new view of the Empire State Building. Do a load of laundry in my OWN washer and dryer (actually, this may get moved to earlier in the week). Paint and clean old apartment. Close the door and leave for last time.

Feb. 22: Unpack. Take Advil for all the sore muscles I didn't know I had.

Feb. 23-26: Unpack. Do more laundry. Pack again. This time in a suitcase.

Feb. 28: Fly home for a weeklong visit.

Other random things:
• Buy a roller for paint
• Call to schedule Salvation Army pickup
• Buy new furniture for new apartment (couch, bed, etc.)
• Buy new queen-size mattress
• Find new alarm clock/stereo/CD player
• Leave Kari and Nicole a note on their birthdays