Saturday, April 26, 2008

A New York kind of day

Well, yesterday was pretty busy. I met my friend Angi (who also just moved up here from Philly, although she lived in NY before that) at noon to take the train over into Manhattan for some shopping. A new pair of jeans was our task. So we took the train to 33rd Street. First, we stopped in the flagship Macy's.

You know that green painted area where the Rockettes dance in the parades? Yeah, walked right past it. And they seriously aren't kidding about "The World's Largest Store." Every time we thought we hit the top floor, there was another escalator. NINE huge floors. We weren't sure the escalators wouldn't just go right on up to heaven.

As we continued our search for the store we went over there for in the first place, we ran into this. The Empire State Building. And as we walked past, we couldn't help but notice the throngs of people waiting outside and the police half-blocking off the street. As it turns out, Mariah Carey was due to arrive any moment. We joined the crowd, cameras at the ready. She was supposed to arrive at 2:00; it was 2:04. We waited another minute before we decided that was long enough. Food was calling. So we left. Your loss, Mariah.

We found lunch, then the jeans. Then took a swing through Daffy's (which is apparently a big discount retailer. Not quite so cheap as Ross. Think Marshalls, I guess.) Finally, our feet were tired and I needed to head back for the rest of my NY evening, so that's what we did.

I have the best parents. For our anniversary, they thought it might be fun if we got to see a Mets game at Shea Stadium. The Mets are Scott's favorite baseball team, and they're demolishing Shea after this year in favor of a shiny new stadium, Citi Field. So even though our anniversary isn't for another month and a half, we decided to see a Mets/Braves matchup. So after shopping in the afternoon, Scott and I took the PATH train to the World Trade Center stop and got on the 2 train up to Times Square, where we got on the 7 train over to Shea up in Queens. If you don't like feeling like a sardine in a tin can, I would not recommend riding the subway from WTC to Queens at 5:30 on a Friday evening. At any rate, we made it, and in the last leg of our trip, were serenaded by this fiddler on the subway. He has a fuzzy hat.

Thank GOD he was in tune. And you can't really see it, but he's tapping a tambourine with his foot in time to the music. Impressive.

We finally made it to the stadium, bought some hot dogs, found our seats and enjoyed the game.

Braves take the bases in the first inning
Braves load the bases
Whee! Braves are on the board!
Accidental shot of the stadium, but it turned out cool.
A plane flying overhead. Annnd, there's the foul pole.
Scott enjoying the game
Chipper's on first. Who's on second?
Mets load the bases (yawn)
Bobby Cox gets thrown out of the game...nothing unusual there.
Braves win! 6-3

To prove we were really at Shea

The crowd also headed toward the subway...yuck

So all in all: I got my jeans. We got to see Shea. And the Braves won. Just a New York kind of day.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The pad

I haven't had much to post about lately, and we cleaned our apartment today, so I thought I'd take some photos.

I don't know why this is blurry, but that's the front door.

As you come in the front door. The door you see to the right is a closet.

Turn left, the "hallway." That opening to the right is the kitchen.

Aforementioned kitchen. It's as wide as the stove and as long as the sink, dishwasher and fridge (which is stainless, but looks black here).

Looking back on the kitchen and entryway.

The door to the right is half of Scott's closet. Mine's in the bedroom.

Living room (and the few remaining boxes full of Scott's CDs he still needs to unpack)

(Notice empty CD racks) Bedroom's to the left

Bedroom. Those shelves were here. I think it's meant to be the headboard area, but I did not want my side of the bed against the wall.

First piece of brand new furniture we ever bought, and the first piece of our eventual bedroom set from Ikea...

Obviously there is a bathroom, which I did take a picture of, but really, do you need a picture of the bathroom? It looks like a bathroom. One where I don't have to hit my head on the sink while sitting on the toilet, which is nice for a change.

Guess that's it. You should come see it for yourself.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Walk with me

So I want you all to know, I risked my pride and my status as one of the people who pushes through the tourists, to be a tourist. Ish. I snapped a few photos on my way to work today so you can walk with me and see what I see. They're not the greatest photos ever, cause I couldn't bring myself to actually stop walking to take them. Lest I look too much like a tourist. At least I wasn't wearing a fanny pack and carrying a map.

Ready? Let's go.

This is what I call the bubble tunnel. It's the entrance to the train in Jersey City.

As you're exiting the station in NY, you can see Ground Zero. It's also visible from the train but it was too crowded to take a picture today.

Here's the train station from the outside. Although after today, it'll be closed and we have to use another entrance around the side, two more blocks away. They're remodeling the whole thing.

Where the World Trade Towers used to stand

The universal gathering steps for student groups. Guess they weren't meeting till later today.

Then there's the plaza. Usually lots of people, lots of food carts. Lots of I heart NY gear.

I have no idea what this sculpture is, but I walk past it every day. And this photo turned out kinda cool.

If you need to stop and catch your breath, now's the time. We're halfway there!

Across the street from the other red sculpture is this red sculpture.

There's a whole block between the last sculptures and this, but it's not that exciting a block. I kinda think this looks like sliced mushrooms.

As we turn the corner past the mushrooms, we're headed directly toward the New York Stock Exchange. It's that building in the distance with the flag on it.

So this street is kinda interesting. They have these huge metal things in the road so you can't drive through. But when delivery trucks come through, they put one down so the truck can come in, but there's another huge thing on the other side. And they don't let the truck pass until it's been inspected by the K-9 unit.

Meet Rudy! The highlight of my walk to work, and I actually got to meet and pet him today while he was sunning on the street!

And TADA! The New York Stock Exchange on the right...

And on the left, the Federal Hall National Memorial, the site of George Washington's first inauguration and the place where the Bill of Rights was passed (thank you, Wikipedia).

So once you pass Federal Hall, you're officially on Wall Street.

More fun stuff on Wall Street (this is all within one block, mind you)

Yes, that is Tiffany & Co.

And we're here! 44 Wall Street! You made it!

And for good measure, the walk back to the train...

There, now don't you feel exercised?