Friday, October 16, 2009

Morning routine

*Yawn.* Morning. Not good. Just morning. That's all you're getting, so don't ask for more. Hot chocolate or chai? Hmm. I'll go with the chai today. But right now I'm going to sit down on the couch and open up the computer.

First stop, gmail to check my email. Usually mostly junk. I can't stand to let unread emails sit. I have to open them or delete them. Better hope you fall in the former.

Thanks for the chai. Stop #2, work email. Usually mostly section plans for the day and galleys of where the ads are going on the pages, with a little other of this and that thrown in. I don't know why, but the "Must not have unread emails in inbox" does not apply here.

Next, Facebook. Nuff said.

After that, it's on to LPBA. If I have posted something recently, it might get moved up in the rankings so I can see if anybody commented. It it weren't for Kari, I would be sadly disappointed most of the time.

Speaking of Kari, I wind up at her blog next a lot, since my blogroll points out anything new.

I've gotta check the news to see if anything major is happening so I know what I'm in for at work. My preferred news website and home page is Not because I love how they present the news, I just find their homepage the easiest to look at and maneuver.

Then Cake Wrecks. You won't find me laughing heartily first thing in the "morning" (it might be noon, but it's still morning to me), but it's good for a giggle, and I love the fact that my mom checks this out every day too, so it gives us something to compare notes on. Also, it's just plain hilarious. Highly recommended.

After that, it's off to design world. First stop in design world is the blog of Charles Apple. He's a seasoned visual journalist, and is always teaching, critiquing or praising something. I like to see what he has to say.

Once I'm caught up there, I'll hit Newseum's Top 10 for the day. Some days I agree. Some days I don't.

After I'm done with all of the above, I generally refresh Facebook, check my work email again and finish my tea. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go put my contacts in, shower, get dressed and eat lunch. Have a good day.


J. et K. said...

This is a great post. (And not just because I got shout-outed. Shouted-out? Shout-outted?)

I'm with you on the unread emails. I may not be functioning before 11am, but my pet peeves still irritate me before then!

I'll have to give MSNBC a try.

And you should add Twitter to your routine :)

Jean said...

Morning, as in 1:30 am when you posted, or morning, as most of us know it, like after the sun comes up? I have trouble thinking of 1:30 am as morning. However, the tea sounds good on a chilly day. Have a great one!

Meaghan said...

It's nice to have some insight to your "morning" routine. I'm a little envious. It's so relaxing and entertaining. Mine's a bit more hectic. Sorry I don't comment regularly, but you know I love ya!

Quid said...

Hi Stephanie,

I've been visiting your blog for awhile...actually found you through Les Massons (I have an unhealthy but relentless obsession with France and living as an expat). I found your blog really charming, and I figured it was probably healthy for me to read about somebody closer to home! (I'm in Philly for the time being...I started a blog a few months ago - stop by!).

Anyway, you've mentioned readers a few times lately, and just wanted to let you know I was out there ;) And I'll be coming back! And, now that the ice is officially broken, I will be commenting.

P.S. - You also got me into cake wrecks...hilarious. Nothing like a messed-up cake to brighten your day :)

Tina said...

This is such a cool post!

And I'm so glad that there are more people in the world who can't STAND unread mail in their inbox! Mine has to be read/deleted and sent to separate folders. My inbox page is never longer than one page - drives me crazy! :)

- Tina
(got here from Kari's blog)