Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No business like snow business

I should be getting ready for bed, since I have an in-early/stay-late day at work tomorrow, but you might have heard that we got a little bit of snow here, and I know you're just dying for photos. So I'll indulge you.

I was out shopping when the snow started in early afternoon. I didn't get any photos of it then because, well, it's hard to take photos of moving snow. But later in the evening, it was snowing super hard. Like, can't see the buildings out the windows hard.

We got around a foot of snow. Easily the deepest snow I've been in, being a Southerner and all. Our friends to the south (literal or figurative) got nearly two feet in Philadelphia and in DC, they got more than two feet. Deep stuff.

Thankfully, the walk to work was pretty cleared out for my by the time I went in in the afternoon. But here's a few photos of the aftermath in the city.

This tree is in the plaza I walk through

You might recognize that sculpture from my walk to work post. (Sorry, I'm not going back for a link right now.) And that slushy dark mess between the snow piles is Broadway.

Side street

Trees buried in snow, same twinkly ones from the last post

Subway station in front of the office building

So, as the best Facebook status post of the snow day said, snOMG!


J. et K. said...

So pretty.

This is by far the most snow I've ever been in. I feel like the Tin Man walking in it :)

Jean said...

Um, yeah, I think I'm changing my mind about wanting to be there shopping with you. See you in the Spring...