Thursday, March 18, 2010

No place like home

I wish I was as good at updating my blog while I'm away as other people are, but I'm not. And when you're gone for two weeks, you rack up a lot of stuff you could say. But really, it'd take me forever to write it all, and you'd probably be bored to tears. So let's do this in short form, shall we?

1. Stuck at airport for six hours because of SNOW in Atlanta. So much for global warming.
2. Ate at Chick-fil-a upon arrival.
3. Shopped with Mom.
4. Ate at Chick-fil-a.
5. Started going through old stuff in the bottom of my closet. Diary in 1992 starts, "No cute boys today."
6. Shopped with Mom.
7. Shopped with Mom and bought a $100 leather jacket for $12.99.
8. Met with my middle-school Spanish teacher, who was one of the first people to help me break out of my shell, for the first time since I was 13. She looks the same. I don't, thank God.
9. Went to church with my parents. Saw World's Strongest Redneck bend steel with his hands and teach the gospel.
10. Had mini-Oscar party with Meaghan and lots of cookies.
11. Drove down to Statesboro. Met my sister's boyfriend for the first time (I approve). Put her in the car too and headed for Hilton Head.
12. Shopped at the outlets. All the effort spent trying to get my sister to dress more like me might have been too successful.

Taken with Mom's cell phone

13. Went to the beach for about 20 minutes. It was getting darker and colder.

Click here to see more Hilton Head photos!

14. Had a really great seafood dinner on Hilton Head. Would have gotten totally lost trying to get back in pitch black if not for my iPhone.
15. Stayed up late talking cameras and iPhones with Dad.
16. Shopped with Mom.
17. Shopped with Mom.
18. Tried portobello mushrooms. Didn't die.
19. Ate broccoli. Didn't die. (Actually probably the best broccoli I've ever had.)
20. Drove past our old house in Smyrna. (We moved to Marietta when I was in fourth grade.)

21. Made attempt #1 to fly back. Flight canceled because of weather in Northeast. Can't get out till Monday.
22. Sang in church choir with my parents. Been a long time since I've done that. (Hey, I went to choir practice while I was there.)
23. Went to Georgia Festival Chorus concert. Been a long time since I've done that too. Most of those people hadn't seen me in 10 years.
24. Made late-night ice cream run to Steak and Shake with Mom. She says "you know this is crazy." Everybody needs a little crazy.
25. Finally made it on plane back to New Jersey.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff, but it was a great trip. Spending more than a few days there really allowed me to not feel like I was rushing there and back.


Jean said...

A great time was had by all! Love a bargain!

J. et K. said...

I love the 'no cute boys' diary entry. That's awesome.

Sounds like a great trip, in mnay (say 25?) ways. How was goign home? Good, I hope. Nothing worse than coming home and it not being a good feeling.

Thanks for pointing out the post. You're right - I had totally missed it.

Kate and Chris Borders said...

Very good job re-capping 2 weeks in one blog post - you did a better job than I did! (I also just spent 2 weeks out of town and didn't do a good job of blogging about it - especially not compared to some people :)

Glad you had some un-rushed time visiting with the fam!

Mrs. S said...

Sounds like you had a good time! Next time you're a-visiting, let me know and I'll make a special trip up to Marietta to see you - it's been far too long! How in the world did you meet up with Ms. Wendell? And what is she up to?