Sunday, April 11, 2010

Somebody owes me some money

Alright. Who was it? Was it you? Cause if so, why I oughtta...

You guys remember this post about my ingenious iPhone app? Go on, it'll only take a sec. Click the link, I'll wait here.

Done? Ok. Yeah. So...

I'm surfing the iTunes app store as I'm ... app-t ... to do (oh come on, that was funny!) and I came across THIS:

An app that uses the camera while you're using the phone so you can see where you're going! Sound familiar???

And I quote: "Wouldn't it be hilarious if there was an app for people's iPhones and BlackBerrys that showed them on screen what's coming up in front of them?"

This app is called Dial N Walk, and lets you dial numbers, look through your contacts list and more while displaying a backdrop of what's coming up in front of you, thanks to the camera on the phone.

I quote again: "Let the record show that this was my brilliant idea, and when somebody actually invents it, I want a cut, mmkay?"

Did I mention, at 99 cents to download, it's the the THIRD TOP-GROSSING iPhone app? That is a lot of 99 centses, people.

Somebody owes me, bigtime.


J. et K. said...

Wow. That's crazy.

Any other brilliant ideas hidden in there? :)

Mrs. S said...

That remjinds me of our BRILLIANT econ project. ::sigh::

Quid said...

App-t to do. You crack me up.

It wasn't me, I swear! And for the record: we're watching virtually where we're going in real life? I find that totally weird.

Kelly W. said...

This is truly bizarre. I wouldn't have thought this was so needed by people to pay more attention to their virtual life than God's beautiful creation around us in real life that someone would ACTUALLY create this app!

Steph, you're right, girl. Someone owes you big time. It would be interesting to see when the development of this app started...