Saturday, May 8, 2010

Getting intimate

I know I've abandoned the blog. Sorry. Not gonna promise I won't do it again, cause I'm just not feeling particularly inspired these days.

But I wanted to write about something cool we did last night. One of Scott's favorite musicians, David Bazan, has this neat thing where instead of playing in venues to a couple hundred people (well, he does that too), he asks for people to open up their homes to about 40 people and he will come play. Just him and a guitar. (And the world's smallest amp.)

So that's what we did last night. We made our way out to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where the space seemed to be an old warehouse loft. I don't really think anybody is living there at this point, I think it's just a gathering space owned by someone with a big open expanse of flooring. But anyway, Scott and I wound up sitting on the floor (we didn't want to invest in pillows to sit on, so we took some doubled-up towels and that worked out fine) about 20 feet from David Bazan.

Now, Bazan is one of the few of Scott's favorite musicians that I don't hate and maybe even like a little. So I agreed to go, because I thought the format of this show would be really cool. And I was right. It was really intimate, very laid-back. He took questions and played requests. It was almost more like a bunch of friends getting together. And the guitar and his voice really blended well in that space.

It was a really cool experience, and I have to say I'm a bigger fan now than a I was before the show. I think all musicians should do this format once in a while. Out of the concert halls and back in touch with reality — and the fans.


J. et K. said...

That sounds awesome. What a great idea - both for musician and audience.

J. et K. said...

I knew his name sounded familiar!

I read this about two months ago.

Scott said...

Thanks, Kari. I hadn't read that interview. While it covered a lot of familiar ground, I still found it insightful.

Quid said...

That's pretty cool!

I listened to a story on This American Life once about a guy who performed for just two people (the man trying to get the woman back -- if you're interested it's act II:

It cracks me up that you said "one of the few of Scott's favorite musicians that I don't hate, and maybe even like a little..." I have the same relationship with my husband's music collection. It's always a battle ;)