Friday, July 9, 2010

Sweet surprise

On July 4, Scott and I spent the day on an extended date. We're not big into crowds, at least I'm not, and we wanted to be home during the fireworks to make sure our big scaredy-dog was ok during the show.

So we decided that since we weren't attending any cookouts, we'd go get some barbecue of our own (and later we went to go see a movie). There's a place here in the city called Daisy May's BBQ USA. It's been on the Food Network a few times, and recently was featured on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate (Barbecue)."

I'm just gonna cut to the chase. Good barbecue. Even better sides. Really. Fantastic. Amazing. Sweet Tea. I mean like, maybe possibly the best sweet tea I've ever had. And that's saying a lot coming from a Southern girl.

It came in a Ball Mason jar, which is very southern, but it was fresh, had just the right amount of sugar, and something I haven't really experienced much in sweet tea — fresh mint. Which I think was the kicker for me. Man, it was just SO GOOD. I would go there just to get the tea.

Who'd'a thunk I'd find such amazing sweet tea north of the Mason Dixon line?


dScott said...

What, no link to their website? Inquiring minds want to know...


J. et K. said...

Wow. That sounds perfect RIGHT NOW.

Quid said...

Ohh, I'm marking that on my list of places to visit in NY next time. My husband likes bbq, I love tea. Especially tea with mint.