Thursday, August 19, 2010

I refuse to be a statistic

I saw this headline today and was slightly alarmed:

One-fourth of renters will never buy a home: survey

Uh, that's not cool. I want to eventually own a home. Pick my own paint. Stop buying furniture purely on the basis of how easy it is to move. But thankfully, the key word here is SURVEY. It doesn't say STUDY. Which means, this was a survey of 2,000 renters, and 27 percent of them never plan to buy a home, as opposed to a study saying those of us who are renting should just put away our dreams of ever owning.

I have to wonder, though, how many of these renters that were surveyed live in New York, because real estate prices here can crush your dreams real fast. With a median home price of $403,600 — and that's a home of maybe one bedroom and 700 square feet — it's just a leetle bit 'spensive to buy here.

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J. et K. said...

We will likely be that one in four :)