Saturday, January 29, 2011

Outside in

Our mission this weekend is to clean our apartment as though we were going to have company. There's no company in sight, of course, but this place looks like, oh, two blizzards and four snow storms blew through it. (January's equivalent of a tornado, I suppose.) Anyway, it's a wreck. We were traveling for Christmas and then traveling again last week (more on that later), so there were bags still unpacked, laundry to be done, floors to be swept, mail to be sorted, etc etc etc.

The bathroom is the room that got most tackled today. Toiletries put away, gels and creams consolidated, tub, toilet and floor scrubbed. But for the last few months, we've had nothing on our shower except a clear shower curtain. We'd bought one a few weeks back, but hadn't put it up yet. Today, we remedied that. Today, we brought the outside in.

Nice, huh? But I haven't really shared here on the blog WHY we had to get a new shower curtain. It's a bit of a traumatic event involving an early morning and a snake...

So, a few — I guess months — ago now, Scott had a morning appointment and so he had left the apartment. I don't remember exactly what time it was, something like 9ish. Which is early when you don't go to bed till 3 a.m. I was awakened by a weird sound coming from the bathroom. It sounded like metal in the pipes. I begrudgingly got up, closed the bathroom door, and went back to bed. 

No dice. I could still hear it. So I got up again and went into the bathroom. There was no evidence of anything except a metal clanging in the sink pipes. I went out to the living room to try to find a number for our apartment building management to call and see if they knew what was going on. Then I heard POP! CLANK! from the bathroom. So I went back in, and the stopper in the sink — not like the cheapy metal ones you buy to collect hair, no, it's the kind that actually goes up and down when you press the lever on the back of the sink — has been popped out and is now laying in the sink. Weird. So I go back out to the living room to make a more earnest effort at finding that phone number. (All the while, weird noises still coming from the pipes.)

I'm sitting at my computer, and all of a sudden, I hear a CRASH in the bathroom. I run in there to find my SHOWER CURTAIN BEING PULLED DOWN THE DRAIN OF THE SINK. It's been pulled so hard the whole tension rod fell into the bathtub. I immediately begin a tug of war with whatever is pulling the shower curtain down the sink (you can see how far away it is!) and realize that a MECHANICAL METAL PIPE SNAKE has come UP OUT of the sink, GRABBED the shower curtain, WOUND around it, and PULLED IT BACK DOWN THE DRAIN. I am tugging in vain on my shower curtain and the snake is fighting me hard. I'm screaming "STOP IT, STOP IT!" at the top of my lungs, but no one hears me. After what felt like an eternity but was probably more like a minute, I manage to get what was left of my gauzy shower curtain unwrapped from around the snake and the metal tube retreats back down the drain. (You really have to picture it like a tug of war. Back and forth, back and forth, the whole time.)

By this time, I and my bathroom are covered in dirty water. My shower curtain is in shreds. I march straight down to the management office and demand to know what the heck is going on. I'm sure I'm a sight to see. They get a maintenance guy on the phone who is, lo and behold, snaking out the drain between our neighbors and us. Well DUH. The apartment manager nicely apologizes and offers to reimburse us for a new shower curtain. He also sends up the cleaning lady who does an amazing job scrubbing down the entire bathroom.

So, yeah. I am slightly traumatized by my horror movie-like morning, but in the end, we got an expensive shower curtain we likely would never splurge for ourselves (hey, they're paying for it) and a sparkling bathroom. And a heck of a good story. If you didn't have to live through it.

(Disclosure: Curtain seen here is not the expensive one. I'm not putting that one up with snakes in drains on the loose. We found the current one for $15 at Target, on a whim after we had already bought the other one. Photo of expensiver CB2 curtain is below.)


Kristin said...

Too funny! I like both curtains. Very stylish!

Sara said...

Waaah! That's one wild story, and VERY horror-movie like!! Hope you're not having nightmares :) Enjoy the nice clean bathroom, at least, and the cool shower curtain!