Friday, April 11, 2008

Walk with me

So I want you all to know, I risked my pride and my status as one of the people who pushes through the tourists, to be a tourist. Ish. I snapped a few photos on my way to work today so you can walk with me and see what I see. They're not the greatest photos ever, cause I couldn't bring myself to actually stop walking to take them. Lest I look too much like a tourist. At least I wasn't wearing a fanny pack and carrying a map.

Ready? Let's go.

This is what I call the bubble tunnel. It's the entrance to the train in Jersey City.

As you're exiting the station in NY, you can see Ground Zero. It's also visible from the train but it was too crowded to take a picture today.

Here's the train station from the outside. Although after today, it'll be closed and we have to use another entrance around the side, two more blocks away. They're remodeling the whole thing.

Where the World Trade Towers used to stand

The universal gathering steps for student groups. Guess they weren't meeting till later today.

Then there's the plaza. Usually lots of people, lots of food carts. Lots of I heart NY gear.

I have no idea what this sculpture is, but I walk past it every day. And this photo turned out kinda cool.

If you need to stop and catch your breath, now's the time. We're halfway there!

Across the street from the other red sculpture is this red sculpture.

There's a whole block between the last sculptures and this, but it's not that exciting a block. I kinda think this looks like sliced mushrooms.

As we turn the corner past the mushrooms, we're headed directly toward the New York Stock Exchange. It's that building in the distance with the flag on it.

So this street is kinda interesting. They have these huge metal things in the road so you can't drive through. But when delivery trucks come through, they put one down so the truck can come in, but there's another huge thing on the other side. And they don't let the truck pass until it's been inspected by the K-9 unit.

Meet Rudy! The highlight of my walk to work, and I actually got to meet and pet him today while he was sunning on the street!

And TADA! The New York Stock Exchange on the right...

And on the left, the Federal Hall National Memorial, the site of George Washington's first inauguration and the place where the Bill of Rights was passed (thank you, Wikipedia).

So once you pass Federal Hall, you're officially on Wall Street.

More fun stuff on Wall Street (this is all within one block, mind you)

Yes, that is Tiffany & Co.

And we're here! 44 Wall Street! You made it!

And for good measure, the walk back to the train...

There, now don't you feel exercised?


Meaghan said...

Wow, you are getting quite a walk each day. It's cool seeing these photos and following you to work! And I've even been there and possibly walked that same route. Everything looked so familiar! Buy me something pretty at Tiffany's, will ya?

Oh, and at first, all I saw was the guy in the photo, so I thought you were saying you get to pet HIM... then I saw the dog... whew!

dScott said...

Great pics for a non-tourist! Where did you learn to take pictures?

Kidding aside, thanks for putting these up. I like the narrative style; I hope we can come and check it out for ourselves soon. (4 more concerts left to go...)

Nicole said...

Thank you for the photos! And they are darn good for just walking and shooting! I definitely need to go to New York sometime! You should post photos (of the city, your family, your apartment...) more often! :)

rachael said...

Yay!!!! Since you WILL be a tourist in Philly this weekend, will you take pictures here too ?

I cannot wait to see you!

Jonathan & Kari said...

That was awesome!! Thank you so much for taking the time to post those for us tourists-à-distance. Very cool.

Kristin Ross said...

These pics are great. Can I tell you that we were standing RIGHT THERE with Uncle A when we visited last October. Right where? Everywhere you snapped a pic! Seriously!

Thats a lovely (and long) journey you take ever day. I am glad to see NY is suiting you so well. When do you start taking visitors?

Chris said...

Cool post. That's actually one of my favorite things about visiting my company's New York office --- the walk/subway ride/walk to and from work. It's somehow liberating not to have to drive a car, and it's such a unique view, coming from a small Georgia city.

The Shepards said...

Oh trains. Love them. But I bet they get old. I still love them.