Tuesday, July 22, 2008

11 Tips for Touristing in New York

In honor of my family coming to visit in just a week, here are 11 tips for being a tourist in New York:

1. Carry a map. Especially if traveling with a man.

2. Get in shape. What steps you go down, you must come up.

3. Ignore the voices. Besides that one guy in front of the train station, most people around you aren't crazy. They're just all talking on bluetooths.

4. Wear comfy shoes. Just because Carrie Bradshaw could hike New York in Manolos doesn't mean you can.

5. No fannypacks. You may get mugged just for the heck of it.

6. Eat a bagel. Warning: May be habit-forming.

7. Have a slice. Or two. Or three...

8. Keep walking. Not everyone behind you is stopping to admire the green netting of a construction site. Please pull over.

9. Carry a camera. You are a tourist after all. Just do yourself a favor and don't wear it around your neck.

10. Suck it in. The subway will often test, and then rip to shreds, your definition of personal space.

11. Boost the economy - buy souvenirs. Do not wear any I heart NY paraphernalia until safely away from the city.

Happy touristing! Who's next to visit?


Jonathan & Kari said...

Excellent post, Stephanie.

ps - can you send me your email address, please?

Meaghan said...

So funny, yet so true!

Nicole said...

niiice. Kole and I would love to come out. :)

Kristin Ross said...

Great post! :)

HighburyGoon said...

In all seriousness, you've got to keep the map a secret. Look at it while getting a cup of coffee somewhere - not on the street or on the subway!

Speaking of the subway, make sure to get Metrocards right away. No one bothers with tokens anymore.

If you're looking for a gastronomic challenge, try doing a "Rays & Grays". Grab a slice of pizza @ Ray's Pizza and then a hot dog and Gray's Papaya King. You won't regret it.

Kristin Ross said...

UPDATE. Please?