Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Wicked awesome week

On Tuesday, my best friend Meaghan arrived in town to hang out for a day, eat some amazing food, and go see Wicked with me on Broadway. This is going to be the abbreviated version, but we had a good day together doing mostly nothing, and then for dinner we went to Bobby Flay's Bar Americain. The food was excellent, but we were just a teeny tiny bit distracted by Jennifer Garner sitting not far away from us. So close we could hear her voice. Apparently she was doing the Late Show with David Letterman that night, and his studio is only a few steps from the restaurant. She's the first celebrity I've seen in New York!

After dinner, we walked the two blocks to the Gershwin Theater for Wicked. This is us before the show. (I did a rough brightening of some of these pics cause they were so dark.)

Inside, the set was amazing. Too bad you can't take photos during the show. Go see it yourself!

This sign made me giggle on the way out.

Here we are after the show.

(We were totally stoked, can you tell?) All we could keep saying was it was "SO GOOD!" There just aren't really words. Really, if you get the chance to go see it, GO. It's amazing.

By the end of the evening, we'd had dinner with Jennifer Garner, seen the most amazing show on Broadway, eaten a decadent chocolate dessert, and to top it all off it was snowing on us in Times Square. Picture perfect New York evening.

Let's skip to Saturday, so I can brag about my husband. Scott had made Valentine's plans for then, since we didn't know we'd have the day off Sunday too, so we went to our favorite restaurant here, Lupa, which he reserved a month in advance. That place is so so so good. Never disappoints. Much like my husband, who not only bought me The Time Traveler's Wife on DVD since I loved the book but didn't get to see it in the theater, he also reserved the media room downstairs that has a large projection screen so I could sorta see it on the big screen. Very thoughtful of him and much appreciated by me. And it's a really good movie, if you're interested. I wish I'd been as thoughtful for him, but I used up all my good ideas for Christmas.

So between Meaghan and Wicked and Valentine's with my husband, it was a really great week. So good I apparently was having too much fun to blog.


Quid said...

What a great time!! The closest I've ever gotten to a real celebrity, I think, was watching Reese Witherspoon film some movie or other 100 feet away on Ben Franklin parkway. Eating next to Jennifer Garner is some serious excitement!

Glad you guys had a nice Valentine's day. I'll have to check out the Time Traveler's Wife - the previews looked good...

Jean said...

Great pictures! I'm so glad you both had a great time, in spite of the snow.

Mrs. S said...

Ohhh, how fun! We saw Wicked at the Fox and it was great but I bet it would be even better in NYC! Tell Scott he did a good job for V-day! I just saw the movie too, but still like the book better because you got to know more of their story. Still a great movie, though!

Kate Borders said...

Hurray for wonderful husbands and wonderful friends! So glad you had good girl time...and way to go Scott for thoughtful Valentines' day plans!!!