Saturday, September 25, 2010

Naked in Times Square

Not me, of course. That would be the stuff of a terrifyingly horrible nightmare. But this guy ... it's his living.

I've heard about the Naked Cowboy, and I've seen pictures of him, but this was the first time I've seen him with my own eyes.

Flexing his ... muscles

But this guy is more than just a mostly naked, good-looking man wandering Times Square. He's a business man. He's a musician. He's a legend. He's a ... what? What song was he playing when I passed him today?

Uh, couldn't tell you ... but who really cares?


Kelly said...

Sadly he looks better from behind than in front, but I'm glad he uses his abilities to spread a little "sunshine." ;o)

Meaghan said...

I guess if you're gonna stand out there mostly naked, you should work out - so kudos to him for that :)

Jean said...