Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who's next?

So, apparently, I have come face to face with a 2012 presidential candidate. Pretty cool, huh. And would you believe he was naked?

That's right. The Naked Cowboy, aka Robert Burck, has tossed his cowboy hat into the ring for the White House. Actually, make that the Tighty Whitey House. For the briefing, he wore real clothes, and even a tie. He says he's serious, although he began a run for mayor in 2009, but changed his mind.

First change after being elected? Casual Friday every day.

And you know he'll be running against Donald Trump, right? Yep, the mogul himself is considering another real estate acquisition, one of the most coveted addresses in the country. And in keeping with his theme — Trump Building, Trump Tower, Trump Plaza — the White House will heretofore be know as the Trump House. Got a hankering to be vice president? I'm sure he'll be casting soon for "The VP Apprentice."

Personally, my vote is for the Naked Cowboy. Nobody can do more with less.

Note: This post is intended to be fun and light-hearted. Let's not get into real politics in the comments, k?

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Quid said...

Wow, this really calls for innuendos, doesn't it? ('Naked Cowboy running my country,', 'the state of our union', 'commander-in-chief'...) Okay, I'll stop now.

But, lastly just to say I thoroughly enjoy the naked cowboy posts.