Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Holy page views, Batman

Blogger does this neat thing where you can see stats on your blog. How many page views you've gotten today, this week, all month, etc. Which links sent them here. What countries your readers are in. Pretty cool stuff.

So tonight I go check it out, and for whatever reason, March 18 was a good day. 147 page views, 91 hits on the Georgia Peach entry. Which was 17 days after I posted it. To put that in context, in the last 30 days, the next highest day was 31 page hits.

It is a bright spot in what admittedly has been a decline in the blog in the last six months. Most of my free time outside my day job is spent keeping up with RLPCo. I love it, but sometimes I miss the simple life of LPBA. I need to get back to writing more often.


Senegal Daily said...

I'd say that Georgia Peach entry was pretty SEO-minded (intentional or not!). So in that spirit, I suggested this as the title of your next post:

Georgia Peach, work from home, Georgia Peach, Viagra, Georgia Peach, free iPhone, Georgia Peach, Georgia Peach, Georgia Peach...

Kelly W. said...

It's always exciting to see what interesting things stats tell you. For me, that stat just said that gobs of people agree with a remarkably intelligent woman. You rock, girl!

Sara said...

I'll post if you'll post ;) Honestly, it's hard - I think sometimes it would be easier if I tried to post every day just so that I wouldn't feel this huge pressure, since I waited SO long, it better be good!!

Anywho, do keep us in the loop :)