Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not so peachy

There was an article in the paper today (well, tomorrow's paper) about a writer from North Carolina who moved to New York and wrote a book. As I was scanning through the pages when I got in, the headline caught my eye: "A Southern peach in the Big Apple." Can't imagine why that would've piqued my interest.

But more importantly, can you be a peach if you're not from Georgia? I mulled it momentarily and ulitmately voted no. As the resident Southerner, I made them change the headline. (It wound up being, "A Southern girl in the Big Apple.")

But what do you think? Can you be a peach if you're not a Georgia peach?


Senegal Daily said...

I think South Carolina actually exports more peaches than Georgia, but the expression is definitely 'Georgia Peach'. So I agree with the change.

Jean said...

There's no peach like a Georgia peach!

Kate Borders said...

Nope - the expression is Georgia Peach - have to be from GA.