Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sailing on the Hudson

Yesterday, we went sailing on the Hudson River. Like, on a little tiny boat. Okay, they do get smaller, but there were five of us and it was, uh, intimate.

Scott's been talking about wanting to learn to sail for as long as I can remember. And with the river just steps away from any part of NYC, this is a good place to get the opportunity. Thanks to Groupon (if you decide to join, please use that link, cause it tells them I referred you) we got a half-price "Taste of Sailing" outing from Hudson River Community Sailing, which they call a "two-hour recreational, hands-on sail."

And it was a blast! (Except for the whole getting smacked in the head by the sail part. But I survived.)

The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Warm but not hot, and fairly windy. The water was a little choppy because of the wind, but nobody got seasick and we didn't fall in.

Scott got to hoist the sail, and I actually steered the boat for a while. And I didn't even 1) run us into anything or 2) capsize us.

The life vest adds 10 pounds.

What goes up, must come down.
It was fun to actually be on one of the sailboats we so often watch from our window. Not sure if we'll do it again, but it's something I'm glad we did.


Sara said...

SO much fun! And Scott looks like a natural ;)

Jean said...

Glad you took this opportunity. It looks like great fun!

David Burns said...

sailing in Hudson is really an awesome experience. A few days ago I have started New York Sailing. It is also a great tour