Monday, February 25, 2008

God's sense of humor

My first blog. Aww. I'm so behind...even my dad has a blog... But hopefully this is a way to share my new life in the big city and anything else I feel compelled to say. So here we go...

I'm convinced God has a sense of humor. But I should backtrack a little.

If you haven't figured it out or heard the news, Scott and I are moving to NYC. Our jobs are transferring us, so we've been busting it trying to find an apartment these last few weeks. We saw one place a few weeks ago where the apartment was super-nice but it was out in the middle of nowhere and no public transportation on the weekends, and we wondered if that's where God wanted us since it seemed to be our only option. But we asked for more options, and this past weekend, we got our wish. We saw two great places in Jersey City, just outside Manhattan, and both seem very promising. If both our applications go through, now we just have to decide between fantastic apartment (granite countertops, brand new stainless steel appliances and views of BOTH the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building) or a fantastic location within walking distance to the train and near parks and only two, three blocks from our friends who are also moving there.

Anyway, we should know more tomorrow about the apartment situation. But it just goes to show you, no task is too big for God. I find myself shaking my head at going from no options to two great options, and I'm reminded that God not only provides, He provides abundantly.

Other thoughts:
  • We'll probably be moving this weekend.
  • I really don't want to move this bedroom furniture again.
  • I hope lots of people come visit in NYC!


Meaghan said...

You know I'll be there when I can, red! Glad to read that you guys have options! That's God for ya!

Jean said...

I'm so proud of you both! My little girl taking on New York City! All I can say is watch out Big Apple! As for a place to visit in New York, who can argue with that. See you soon!

david.l.scott said...

I really gave my work buddies here in Baltimore an ear-full when they asked how you were doing, and I didn't even know the latest news.

I'm proud of you and Scott; you are taking on a great adventure, and I'm sure God has some really interesting and wonderful things in store for you both.

... and what, no link to Tsk, tsk... (let me know if you want me to link to here from there).

Your Mac wasn't too tough to fix, once I figured out how to get the thing open. Enjoy!