Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Furball

So, surprisingly, I haven't really posted much about our dog. So I'd like to take this time to introduce you to Thunder, our German Shepherd. Or rather, our German Shedder. As my sister noted when she was here recently, he sheds a LOT. So she sent us this handy little brush called a Furbuster. Here's the damage.

Note: I would just like to say our carpet/floors aren't usually THAT hairy. It's just the brushing. Note II. He has been brushed in the last year. Seriously.

This is the second brushing...the first and major one got thrown away before I got a pic.

For size comparison

Note that I already have the new Ikea catalog! One of the perks of my job.

Tonight I brushed him some more

Here he is showing off his shiny coat

I think I could've stuffed a small child's coat by now.


Meaghan said...

Every time we vacuum or brush Sadie, we tell her there's a whole other dog in the house and it's all her fault. She doesn't seem to care.

Nicole said...

I've read about that device before and how great it is!! And it really does work, eh? :)

Laura Scott said...

Oh my that's more hair than Angel definitely, but I think Shadow still has him beat. :) Glad you like the brush. Love you Steph!