Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'm having an affair. With my husband.

I learned this at work today. Let me just preface this with a little about our weekend. While Scott and and I were out and about on Saturday, we ran into someone at Grand Central Station who works in our office. I recognized the person and smiled. Scott didn't and so was fairly oblivious until I told him we just walked past this person.

So apparently this person today goes to my boss and tells him there may be a situation. The person says he/she saw two of the editorial employees together over the weekend, and they were holding hands, and the guy wouldn't make eye contact. He thinks they're having an affair. And so my boss asks who? And the person says that guy that sits at that desk and the redhead.

At which point my boss bursts into fits of laughter and replies, "They're married!"

Why this person would assume we are having an affair, and that we were not, in fact, in a normal relationship, I have no idea. Maybe it's that office policy on no family members working together (which we manage to circumvent because Scott is freelance).

But I'm glad that after 4+ years of marriage, we still appear that smitten with each other that someone would think we're having an affair together. That's amore.


Jonathan & Kari said...

And it's awesome.

Kristin Ross said...

Hahaha, thats great! Apparently they like to get involved in office relationships!

Nicole said...

That's hilarious!!

ia said...

Ditto... what an awesome story!!

Meaghan said...

Oh that's just hilarious! You promiscuous girl, you! I have to say, it sounds like this person really likes the gossip!