Monday, August 11, 2008

Take a wild guess


You've all seen What Not to Wear on TLC, right? You know Nick Arrojo, the hair guy? Well, I've been thinking again about a new style, but I'm afraid to let anyone remotely close to my curly locks. But him I'd trust. So I thought I'd check it out online to see how much it costs.

Any guesses how much a haircut from the man himself would cost you? I'll post the answer tomorrow.


Meaghan said...


Nicole said...

Isn't it close to a thousand? I remember reading about these ridiculously overpriced hair stylists at some point.

rachael said...

I'll go with $600, making me feel much better about what I spend on my hair.

Kristin Ross said...

Mmm... I was at first going to guess $200, but then with the previous posters' guesses, that seems so low!

Maybe $500?