Monday, April 27, 2009

By the numbers

17 The floor we're on

30 Number of floors in this building

2 Minutes to get to the train from the new place (if you don't have to wait too long for the elevator)

92 Number of steps to the train from the door of the building

35 Minutes it takes me to get to work

7 Of those minutes spent on the train, the rest walking

2 Months we've been in the new place

$20 Average spent in a night on takeout dinner at work for the two of us

$1.75 Cost of a ride on the PATH train

$54 Unlimited monthly pass for the PATH train

$2 Cost of a ride on the New York subway system (the MTA, soon to be $2.50)

3 a.m. Our approximate bedtime.

2 a.m. The time they shut off the lights at the Empire State Building

4, 21, 67 My favorite channels. NBC, Food Network, HGTV, respectively.

8 million Population of New York City


Jonathan et Kari said...

Wow - 28 minutes of walking for the commute? That's a lot of exercise! Does it rain/snow often? We walk 15 minutes...but only when it's not wet out. We can take the métro if it's nasty out.

Requesting a post on NYC take-out. Where do you order from? Favorite meals? Cookie deliveries? I don't think I've ever had food delivered that asn't pizza. (Well, the Senegalese girl who would bring us rice and fish.)

And finally... 3am???? Y'all are nuts. We go to bed at the very reasonable (for 70-year-olds) 10pm.

Jean said...

3 - soon to be the number of times the parental units have visited you there

Anonymous said...

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