Friday, April 3, 2009

What you've all been waiting for...

Pictures of the INSIDE of the apartment.

With my back to the front door. Kitchen on the left, living room straight ahead, bedroom and bathroom off to the right.

Kitchen (See the stepstool? The cabinets are a little tall...)

Kitchen looking out into the living room

Bookshelf. I was hoping to have a couple squares for photo frames and whatnot, but as you can see, the book collection is quite large. Oh, actually the DVDs are on three shelves. Still pictures leaning there waiting to be put on the walls.

The new couch, which we're enjoying, and the table. It's really supposed to go over near the kitchen under the light, but we have our reasons.

Looking back from the windows (Large coat closet near the front door, and the door you see on the left is the linen closet.)

"Hallway" to bedroom (left) and bathroom (right). Linen closet again there on the right.

The CD collection, which is what you see on the wall in the photo above


Our new bedding ensemble. It also has euro pillow shams and regular pillow shams besides these that go with the sheets, but I don't have pillows to put in them yet.

Walk-in closet, which we share, believe it or not. See? I gave Scott FOUR whole slots in my shoe organizer! (the all-black row at the bottom)


Nice big mirror with storage!

So, not every place is perfect, even if you live in a luxury high-rise. See the towels hanging there on the left in the above photo? Yeah. See how far they are from the shower? I don't know about you, but I prefer not to have to walk across the room all wet for my towel. (I try to remember to put it on the sink before I get in.) I wish people would think about these things. The towel bar is also too low and the towels cover up the toilet paper holder on the wall.

To combat that, a few of my favorite things...

(*trumpeting*) The washer and dryer!! SO nice to have my own. (It's in the bathroom. In the first bathroom pic, you can see in the mirror part of a blanket that was sitting on top of the washer.)

The faucet/sprayer combo in the kitchen, so there's no separate piece. The handle just pulls away from the base. Super handy.

And just because I have issues posting anything without pictures of my view now...this is how it looks from the 17th floor when it's pouring.


Nicole said...

What an awesome place!! Thank you for taking the time to take photos and post them. :)

Jonathan et Kari said...

Very nice, Stephanie. (And HUGE compared to ours!) I love your lamps in the bedroom. And oh, to have a washer and dryer all to yourself - very exciting.

Congratulations on the new place!

Jean said...

Looks like your getting settled and ready for guests. That's good. I like the chair too.

Kristin Ross said...

Woohoo! Beautiful inside! I love the large square bookshelf. I would love to get one of those one day too.
Thanks for getting these photos up! Now I can imagine where you are when you write updates!

Meaghan said...

Oh Steph! I love it! And your new furniture and accessories really charm up the place. It look pretty roomy for an apartment in that area. VERY COOL!