Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

Tonight at 8:30, we turned off all the lights in our apartment. (Thanks to all the non-Earth Hourers though, we didn't even have to light a candle.) If you're not familiar with it, there's an annual event called Earth Hour, where for one hour, people and businesses and cities across the globe are asked to turn off the lights for one hour in basically a show of solidarity as much as it is to conserve energy. You're probably thinking, "Well, you're on the computer." Yes, but I charged it before Earth Hour, so at the moment, I'm not plugged in. Smart, eh?

At 8:20 - Everybody on

8:28 - Chrysler building goes out

8:31 - Everybody out (well, the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building)

Other landmarks participating in New York: The New York Public Library, the UN headquarters, City Hall and the Brooklyn Bridge. Even many of the signs in Times Square were supposed to dim at 8:30. While we can't see Times Square, we can see the light that comes from it, and the sky is dark.

9:34 - Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building are slowly coming back on.

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Jonathan et Kari said...

How cool. It's a pretty big deal here, but we don't live in an area where you can see cool progression like that.