Sunday, March 15, 2009

The sweetest thing

This is actually a screen grab from last week, but sometimes it's nice to see your work enthusiastically thrust into and waved about in the air, as opposed to torn and trampled on the ground by a million shoes. Of course, we'll never know if that's where this paper ended up.


Jonathan et Kari said...

That is really cool.

I hadn't thought about that, but yeah - it must be hard to see people tossing them away once they've read them. Even thought it's certainly nothing intentionally hurtful, I think it would be hard for me.

To balance that, know that every major city I go to, I check to see if they have Metro and if so I pick up a copy. (What?? That doesn't balance it out?!)

Nicole said...

That's very cool. And what screen grab software do you use? I use Screenhunter 5.0, but your image looks crisper than what I am used to. Thanks! - Nicole

Stephanie said...

Nicole: I don't have any sort of software, I just use the screen grab key command for Mac, so it may be different if you're on a PC. But a new Mac will only cost you a few times more than your current screen grabber program! :)

Kari: It's appreciated, even if it doesn't quite even out.

dScott said...

Interesting... news about news. In my field, we have data about data - metadata. Does that make this metanews?

First, it was CNN (Bush's not so lame duck), now MSNBC. Where next?

Meaghan said...

Awesome! You're famous... well, to those of us who know you designed that page. Very cool, Steph! AND it's about U2 - almost as cool!