Monday, March 30, 2009

Mapping it out

I'm a nerd. I like to learn stuff. And for a long time I've wanted to learn more about the design programs I can only semi-use. So the other day I managed to spend some time sitting with the art director at work and he showed me how to make a map. I made a practice version just for you!

It started out as a map of my favorite places, but then I decided to include work for reference, so, only mostly my favorites.

1. Home
2. Uno Chicago Grill - a chain restaurant, but they have good fish and chips and a killer shrimp and crab fondue appetizer
3. Five Guys - another chain, discovered in Philly, but thankfully they also have them here. Best hamburger, hands down.
4. Work - nuff said.
5. Lupa - my favorite restaurant and the one non-chain restaurant we've repeatedly visited
6. 5th Avenue Apple Store - honestly it's usually too crowded to enjoy this store, but it's fun anyway


Jonathan et Kari said...

Very impressive. Do you have a price chart for these? We need maps occasionally to illustrate walking guides and travel articles.

Jean said...

Crap fondue??? I didn't think it was that bad!!! Nice map. I'll be one to benefit from you knowing your way around the big apple.

Stephanie said...

HA. No it's not crap at all. Edited to fix. Interesting slip. Those two letters aren't even near each other on the keyboard.

Meaghan said...

Nice job on the map. I like the color gradient on the land portions. And before even reading, I knew #4 was your work - just from visiting NY before!