Monday, May 4, 2009


So, most of you know my birthday was on Saturday (and if you didn't know, you should. What were you thinking?). I started off the day by sleeping late. We kept making plans and then deciding sitting around was better. Eventually we did make it off our duffs and walked down to the waterfront. (Actually I need to clarify...Scott had been out gift shopping much of the morning, and so he was tired and I was the one being most lazy. But it was my birthday. But he did bring home with him six of those huge cupcakes like I had last year.)

Try as he might, Scott wasn't able to get reservations for dinner anywhere new. So while the restaurant itself isn't super-special, the fact that Scott sacrificed himself to take me there was special in itself.

A huge rotating lobster

He's not a huge fan of Red Lobster. We had to wait a while, seeing as how this restaurant is in Times Square, but the food was good and our server was attentive. And yes, I totally asked for another basket of cheese biscuits right before we were done so I'd have a couple to take home. Oh come on. You would too.

For my birthday, Scott got me a gift certificate to a salon here in New York I've been threatening to go to for months that specifically caters to curlyheads. It's called Devachan. They actually cut your hair curl by curl, meaning each curl gets assessed for its own springiness and placement and whatnot, so it's a very custom cut.

Overall a very successful 27th birthday.


Jonathan et Kari said...

What a great salon! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

And yes - Cheddar biscuits are totally worth it.

Jean said...

Glad you had an overall good day, thanks for the pictures. I'm always proud of the way Scott takes such good care of you.

Meaghan said...

Wow! I am impressed with the gift certificate. Go Scott! BTW, I think Times Square needs a few more ads... just sayin'!

Hope you had a great birthday and wish I could have taken you out - or just watch a sappy movie with you while eating popcorn and cupcakes!

Mrs. S said...

Sounds like a lovely birthday - glad you guys had a good time!

Nicole said...

Aw! Happy belated birthday! What a great-sounding day!