Friday, May 15, 2009

New glasses: Which do you like?

Ok, you fashionistas. Help me out here. I'm getting new glasses, and I need to know which frames you like best. Unfortunately the lighting in the doctor's office is awful, so, uh, they kinda all look the same, but try to be discerning, will ya?

Frame #1

Look closely, you can sorta see the subtle stripes, kinda like a tigereye

Frame #2
These are, in fact, all red, even though they look black in the other photos.

Frame #3

Frame #4

Frame #5

Frame #6

So many choices... There's a poll on the top right of the page where you can vote, so those of you who don't like to leave comments (*ahem*) can voice your opinion without having to type anything. Go vote! (And leave comments too!)


Jean said...

5, then 1, really don't like the others at all! Always glad to give my opinion...

Jonathan et Kari said...

Crap! I forgot the numbers. Let me go look again...

Okay - I'm back. 1, 3 and 5. But 1 wins for me.

I love this idea for a post!!

Jen said...

I like 1 the best, too. 5 is also OK.

Kristin Ross said...

Ok, so I've voted 3 times (oops, sorry?) and each time I like a different frame! But I agree with the general consensus of 1, 3, 5.

When will you go back and decide?

Nicole said...

I actually don't like 1 much - hm. But I do like 2 and 5!

Meaghan said...

OK, I like them in this order:

#4 is OK. We may need to see them with the hair down as well... heehee!