Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where I've been

I read a blog post yesterday that contained tips on being a good blogger. One of them was to blog often/consistently, or you lose your readership.

Yeah, I can attest to that.

I've been busy lately. If you didn't see the post a few months ago (if you didn't see the post a few months ago, you're probably not reading this now, but anyway) I've started my own business. And I don't know if you've ever started your own business, but if you have, kudos to you, because it's a tough, exciting, grueling, rewarding, and SLOW process.

But I'm not posting this to beg for business. Really. I just wanted to tell you about what's been going on in my life. What starting a business is like. At the beginning it was a lot of running around getting paperwork in order. Most of that part is done now. I mostly just wait. I've been working on new Christmas cards that I hope to have up soon, since we'll be in full holiday swing after Halloween.

I think a big part of starting a business is patience. Which is hard, because if you jump through all the hoops to start a business, you're obviously passionate about sharing something with other people. I just wish other people were as excited about the cards as I am.

So between the business and my regular job, for which I've been staying late a lot because of baseball playoffs, not much time to blog. And not much interesting happening besides the daily grind.

But lucky for you, I've got at least two other posts in the works, so hopefully it won't be another month before I post again, and I promise they won't be about my business :)

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J. et K. said...

Personally, I'm impressed (and happy) you're still blogging at all considering all you've got on your plate.

And I love, love, love the fall cards!