Saturday, June 21, 2008

Almost live

Tonight, Scott and I hoofed it down to the Liberty Science Center with our pre-purchased tickets to see "U2:3D." And no that is not some Star Wars spinoff. It's a 3D film version of a U2 concert, compiled from a series of their "Vertigo" tour appearances in Latin America. It took my eyeballs a few minutes to adjust to the 3D-ness. Especially because the direct lights on the screen made me feel like my super-cool (insert sarcasm here) 3D glasses were dirty. But eventually we settled in for a good concert. The most amusing part of the film is that they left in some of the people who get in the way in the front, sit on each other's shoulders and keep their arms up the entire time. I felt like saying "Down in front!" But it was minimal and therefore amusing rather than annoying.

Now, a few years ago, Scott and I joined his best friend Mike and other friend Wooly (who was, in fact, kinda hairy back then) to see U2 in Philadelphia on their Vertigo tour. I was forewarned that seeing U2 live was an amazing experience. They were right. Even though we had seats behind the stage that night and didn't see a whole lot, you can really just feel the passion from Bono and his bandmates. Not to mention the throngs of people jumping up and down in time together and all singing along in one resounding song. (I couldn't help but think how awesome it would be to have a stadiumful of people that passionate about God.) But seeing U2 in person is a pretty amazing experience, even for somebody like me who wasn't too familiar with their music, although I had caught up a little since being married to Scott.

Anyway, back to U2:3D (that is really hard to type correctly). It's nearly the same experience. Bono is so passionate. They write all their own stuff, and so you just get the sense they really believe what they're performing. It's really kind of empowering and moving. And in the film, you not only hear the passion, you can see it in their faces. Human rights. Peace. Equality.

I can never be as dedicated a follower of U2 as millions of others out there; I got a late start. But I appreciate what they do and the heart they put into it. We may go see the film again. And you better believe we will see them live again when we get the chance. And I recommend you choose one or both of those and do it, too.

On a side note, we did something new today...we took the lightrail. We bought tickets like you should for public transportation. I'm not sure why though. We didn't use them when we got on, nobody stamped it, ripped it or punched it. And mine is still in my back pocket. Go figure.


Jennifer said...

Sounds like an awesome concert! I love U2 as well, but have never seen them perform. Looks like I'll be hunting down venues for this 3D show, though!

Kris and I missed you last weekend while I was in DC. In fact, I miss you other times too :) Let me know when you're in the area so we can catch up!

Meaghan said...

I LOVE U2! I have never seen them in concert or the 3D show, but I would definitely go if I could. Glad you got to experience a little piece of Dublin!

Nicole said...

What a great date!