Sunday, June 8, 2008

Night on the town

It was Friday night and we needed something to do. Hmm? How about 5th Avenue and Times Square? Sure, why not.

A few pictures...

As you come out of the 5th Avenue station, Central Park

The Plaza Hotel, from the side

Just a view

Along 5th Avenue

I like how you can see the other building through the Apple store

Since the Apple store is open all night, we decided to go find some food. There isn't much around 5th Avenue except high-priced shopping, and we figured Times Square wasn't too far away so we started walking. On the way...

It's easy to tell where it is because the sky is all lit up

I really like this amazingly not-blurry shot

We have arrived!

On Times Square, EVERYTHING is lit up with neon lights

Our dinner destination

Neat guitar wall inside Hard Rock

When we headed outside after dinner, the lights were so bright as we approached the door, it looked like daylight outside. We hopped back on the train rather than re-walk the two stops we had walked to get to Times Square to go back to the Apple store.

This is the plaza outside the Apple store and in front of FAO Schwartz.

When we went back to the Apple store, there were men on the top cleaning it. I tried to take some photos but I didn't get any clear shots. It was kinda neat though. What is made of glass must be cleaned, I suppose. We headed back toward home around midnight and had a "fun" ride home stuck in a car with a bunch of drunk guys singing MMM-bop and trying to do flips INSIDE the train.

Ahh, New York.


Jonathan & Kari said...

Wow. Great pictures, Stephanie.

Meaghan said...

Great photos and it sounds like you had an interesting time! I loved Times Square, and you and I had a picture taken in FAO Schwartz, remember?