Monday, November 9, 2009

The box

I'm not usually one who walks through stores and makes impulse buys, especially if it's trinket-type stuff. But for a while now I've been looking for a small decorative box and hadn't found anything that fit the bill. Till now.

On Friday night, I took Scott out to Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill for his birthday. We were a little bit early for our dinner reservations, and decided to walk through Pier 1 Imports across the street to kill a little time. We weren't actually looking for anything, not even this box. But it jumped out at me from a back shelf, and I had to have it. Thankfully it wasn't cost prohibitive.

Between our backgrounds as readers, editors, grammarians, journalists — it has words, you name it, we got it — you'll see why this box was definitely coming home with us.


J. et K. said...

It's beautiful - perfect for you guys. I love Pier 1... add to list of places to go next fall!

Kate Borders said...

Very fun :)

My cousin used to work for Bobby Flay!

Hope your dinner was great!

Jean said...

Nice box!

Quid said...

The colors and textures of the "binding" are so nice. I haven't been to Pier 1 in forever (do they even have one in Philly??), but what a great store! I always found things there when I used to go.