Thursday, November 5, 2009

The rules

At the train station I walk to work from, there's a long escalator from where the trains are up to the top where the exit is. If you're really ambitious, there are even regular steps. (I'm not that ambitious.)

As I was riding up the escalator the other day, I heard a woman on the escalator next to me: "UGH! These people don't know the rules!" I looked over and it made me smile because I knew exactly what she was talking about.

What are the rules? Well, it's really just one rule. Which is to stand to the right if you're going to stand. Some people climb the escalator stairs, and it's an unwritten "rule" that you don't block their way.

Now you know. Next time you're on an escalator in New York, follow the rules.


J. et K. said...

Good to know! We have that 'rule' here, but I'd always been told it was a European thing.

Now I'm ready to be a polite NYC tourist.

Have fun with Kate!

Jean said...

I only travel in NYC with a "native" guide - keeps me out of trouble!

Kristin said...

We've got the same rules in DC! Many-a-times I've heard fellow travelers say to others "stand to the right! walk to the left!"

And in times of hurry, I too wanted to shout that so I wouldn't miss my train!

Kate Borders said...

Yeah...very important to know that rule if you don't want to get beat up, right?? :)

The same rule exists at the airport - and when a stander is in the way of someone running to catch a flight...not good.

See you in a few weeks...if not before!

Kate :)