Sunday, January 18, 2009


Apparently audience participation is the way to get you guys to leave comments. Noted. Every movie quote was answered correctly except one. Number 6 ("Mumbler!") is from the more recent version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Willy Wonka repeatedly tells Mike TV he's a "Mumbler!"

So back to the real post. I'm stealing this idea from Kari. These are the ABCs of our life here in New York/New Jersey. And I even got Scott to contribute. My answers. His.

Apple. And it's a Big one.

Apple computers. Probably No. 1 most used appliances in the home.

Blocks. We walk a lot of these.

Bagels. Fresh daily and best on the planet.

Charly's. My favorite quick dinner delivery place when we're at work.

Connecticut. New York’s neighbor to the north is great for weekend getaways.

Dentist/Doctor. Still need to find these (just for routine checkups...hard to keep up when you're always moving).

Downtown Veterinary Associates for their willingness to work with Thunder.

Expensive. Duh.

Energy efficiency. Bit of a fiend about saving electricity.

Forefront. The church we've been going to. When we go to bed early enough to get out of bed early enough...

Fresh Direct. Hooray for online grocery shopping and home delivery.

Grove Pointe. Our new home as of next month.

Gap. Specifically, Gap jeans. Not really a New York thing, but discovered them here and it’s wonderful to find jeans with an inseam that doesn’t require hemming.

Hudson River. It's what separates New Jersey from Manhattan.

Home improvement and lifestyle television that is on possibly all the time.

I heart NY. (C'mon, had to!)

Ikea, which will likely be furnishing our new apartment.

Jilted. How I feel when the train comes FOUR MINUTES EARLY. Hmph. Seriously. When you're there on time, you should not miss the train.

Jersey City. Where we live.

Keys to our new place in 25 days. Local website for reviews and information on services and places of business.

Lupa. Our favorite restaurant.

Liberty State Park. Lots of open green space.

Macy's! (Also as Scott pointed out, Metro, which is what brought us here.)

MoMA. Museum of Modern Art. Awesome.

Newspaper. It's what I do.

Neue Galerie. Museum for German and Austrian art. Second favorite museum.

Odor. Can be very distinct in some stations.

Organic milk from Woodstock Farms. Tastiest milk ever.

PATH. The train between NJ and NY.

PATH (Port Authority NY/NJ). Subway we ride into Manhattan every day.

Quarters. Can't wait to have my own washer and dryer so I can stop hoarding these. And because I don't like to share.

Quaker Oats. Perfect remedy after a winter morning walk.

Rats. Big ones. Eww.

Radio streams from the internet.

Subway. Not the sandwich place.

Sports. I’m just going to put this under one listing. Most of my favorite pro teams are based in NY, so now I have more opportunity to enjoy them, either live or televised.

Tourists. Always getting in the way.

Takeout. We eat a lot of it.

Under the river (on the train). Can really be a pain on the ears, and is especially fun with a sinus infection.

U2. Longest-tenured member on my favorite bands list.

Visitors. We don't have enough of these.

Van Vorst Park. Nearby park to walk the dog in.

Wall Street. Where the office is, and the NYSE is less than a block away.

Walking. We do a lot of it to get anywhere. I enjoy it.

X-cited about what the next year holds.

EXchange Place. Best view of the Manhattan skyline.

Yankees. Everything in this city is Yankees. Blech. Go Mets!

Young Frankenstein: the Musical. My first taste of Broadway. Hated it. Experience gave me a headache. Ruined a movie I’m very fond of. Set design was good though.

Zero. How much I wanted to come to NY. But it's OK :)

Zeitgeist. It’s like the Holy Grail for writers/journalists.


Kristin Ross said...

Very cute idea!

Jonathan et Kari said...

A very cute idea indeed!

So from this list, here are the ones I'd like to see more posts on:

bagels - do NYers really eat them w/ lox and cream cheese all the time?

Fresh Direst - will need more info

train jilted - train. Who else rides a train regularly?? No one. Must post on this.

organic milk - why the switch to organic? Is it pasteurized or raw?

visitors -I'll consider us invited. Then when we come you can post about our visit.

Wall Street - HOW did I miss that you work near Wall Street??

Nicole said...

This is awesome! I write long posts some times, but I don't know if I could do this!

Cheryl said...

Just for the record, lol, I *didn't* see this post before answering the Willy Wonka q on the *last* post...

I just started going through my bloglines, and replied before I read all the posts.