Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Late-night TV

Have you seen that commercial? If you haven't, it's basically a commercial for a website you can go to download something or other that will "check for viruses" and other stuff slowing down your computer, and then allegedly make your computer fast. Only, in the small print, the commercial says it's not for Macs, only PCs (which is fishy anyway if you know that Macs rarely get viruses). But there are four or five people shown on computers during the commercial, and AT LEAST TWO of them are on Macs! Uh, way to go, geniuses.

Also, I'm sitting here watching an interview, and methinks Blagojevich is certifiably crazy. And yes I can spell that without looking it up. Even more fun to fit in a headline.

I also want to know why a collection of 50 state quarters costs $29.99 (which of course is the sale price, down from $70!) when 50 quarters clearly only total $12.50. If you'd had the foresight to collect them over the last few years, you could've earned $12.50 instead of spending $29.99.

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Jonathan et Kari said...

Hmm...maybe I don't miss American tv as much as I thought!