Wednesday, January 14, 2009

iPhoto is dead

At least mine is. The good news is that I recently updated my operating system to Leopard. I'm enjoying it so far, and it's made things move faster. AND I can use one browser for everything and not have to switch back and forth between two of them. Unfortunately, though, the update blew up my iPhoto. Well, it didn't blow it up, it just won't run on the new operating system without an iPhoto update. So that's on order, but Apple hasn't actually released it yet, therefore I'm not exactly sure when it will get here. But until then, I'm mildly photographically challenged, because I need iPhoto to upload my pictures from the camera. Only mildly because I could upload my photos to Scott's newly resuscitated computer (he hasn't updated to Leopard yet ... coming soon) and post from there, but I'll reserve that for if I have something I really absolutely must post. Until then, it's just words, words, words...

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