Monday, January 26, 2009

These are a few of my favorite keys

So I was looking at my keyboard this morning, and noticed a few keys are more, uh, well-loved than others. My favorite keys on my laptop are:

S - used a lot for my name
E - also used a lot for my name, and I think the most frequently used letter in the alphabet (no, I didn't do any research to back this up)
tab - I always use it to move around a page as opposed to clicking all over the place
ctrl - I don't have a mouse, so control is essential for right-clicking
space bar - Pretty self-explanatory I think, unlessyouwanteverythingtolooklikethis.

On my keyboard at work:
F5 - a common key command used in Quark, the design program we use (send to back/bring to front)
F7 - another popular key command (show guides/hide guides)
tab - combined with option key for quick key command to right align
0 (that's a zero) - probably because I type in the numbers 0 and 0.118 a lot
enter (the one in the number pad) - Closest enter/return key to my right hand when it's on the mouse


Jonathan et Kari said...

Why 0, 0.118 and 0.533?

Mine most well-used are tab, left shift, left apple and A. But I'm on French keyboard (AZERTY) so my A isn't in the same place as yours.

Stephanie said...

But you still press A a lot no matter where it is.

0 - to take off a tab currently at 0.118
0.118 - to add a tab that's currently at 0
0.533 is actually 1.535, and in fact does not have a zero at all. Really should pay attention if I'm going to post these things at home. But the number is the width of a column.

Anonymous said...

So I took a look at my keyboard and thought that like me, my keys are hiding their age nicely. But then I tipped it up into the light and sure enough, a couple keys have more shine than others. Not surprisingly, J, E and T, but then curiously, R. Can't explain that one.


Nicole said...

How funny! Because of you, I took a long, hard look at my keyboard!